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Vishnumaya Kuttichathan ghost removal at Direct Maya with Vishnumaya Kuttichathan puja or Kali puja or homa with the help of well practiced tantric at your home or at the temple of your family deity for the period of three days of homa and puja. Ghosts can be considered with anyone if you feel any presence of negative energy or presence of ghosts within you.

nightmare, dreaming, fantasy
Ghost or negative energy may manifest as feeling someone standing over your shoulder, close behind you or even in the room showing as an image with you when you can see no one is there. It is also possible to feel as though you are being watched, wherever you go in the house, work place, standing alone in streets. Many people who find themselves living in a haunted house will speak of feeling a presence in the house that they cannot explain. It is possible that a spirit is trying to make contact with them but it is unable to get their attention in any other way by sensation of being touched. Ghosts also try to get your attention through touch, perhaps a tug on your hair, a touch on your shoulder, or, in more negative situations, a push on a stair case, scratches, bruises, or worse with bad dreams. 

If this is something that you start experiencing with you, then it is very possible that you have an unwanted presence through paranormal activity. Not only are you seeking evidence of ghosts, but we are also there to help the person who is suffering within the situation. We have the main responsibility to alleviate the fears of the witness and to help you deal with the activity that you are experiencing. Perhaps if this is your story, or the story of someone close to you we have some strong ideas on this topic that are not very popular, We are afraid, even amongst other people who do this kind of work but we could ask you to hear us if you are frightened and seek out a professional help. 

When the living entity passes from the present body to the next body, which is created by his own karma, he becomes absorbed in the pleasurable and painful sensations of the new body and completely forgets the experience of the previous body. This total forgetfulness of one’s previous material identity, which comes about for one reason or another, is called death. (Bagavath Purana 11.22.39)  What Ghosts Do? During the day they usually stay in their above-earth dimension (antriksha, also called bootha lokha) and during the night they descend to earth (some are present on earth permanently) and appear in places where they died or to which they’re emotionally attached for example husband or wife, family sons, daughters, their birth place of home or joining the family members body whom they like very much. They can also enter non-living objects, insects, birds, animals, people and devas. In some cases within days after their death. This however doesn’t mean they have peacefully left, rather the opposite often they attach themselves to the subtle body of an incarnated being and live off his energy ( pranha ) as parasites.

They suffer because without physical body they can’t fully satisfy their desires like hunger, thirst or sex desire. This pertains especially to persons addicted to intoxicants who need a host with whom thus appears or increases an existing addiction. They wait until their karma-set time expires to be able to incarnate again. Most people will not see them in their whole life. It depends on the sensitivity of a given person, the ability to perceive subtle reality. Sometimes they appear to relatives to whom they come to say good-bye shortly after their death or they want to tell them something, mostly in a dream. Ghosts who haunt various places to which they’re emotionally attached don’t even know they are dead. If they appear to someone they mostly want to draw attention to themselves and thus increase their chance that someone will help them from their situation. They can’t get out of it any time soon on their own because to remain stuck in the form of ghost is a form of negative karma which often lasts pretty long time. In modern time when ceremonies for the dead are becoming less current, are replaced by spiritually inefficient secular ones or completely neglected, such ghosts are increasing in number. If they did not die a violent death, they are only attached to their former dwelling and try to bring attention of their family members or friends to themselves to get help. Since they don’t have negative karma, they are not easily repelled by prayers etc. The duty of living persons is to help them leave. But if they were not too negative, countermeasures may not work well against them. If the help doesn’t come for a long time, they are frustrated and may turn revengeful and harmful. They have a negative karma and thus can be repelled by prayers, pooja, mantra, yantra, yagna, homa, tantra. If you feel their presence is not proper and you should help them leave from your family, home or friends permanently using professional help by performing pitru tarpana, tilak homa, narayana bali, preda sanjara, preda samskara, preda moksha.

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