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Love relationship problems through Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Pooja can be resolved in a few weeks after performing a few Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan karma with Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan. Love relationship problems or break up in love occurs between two couples because of miscommunication or distance relationship between the both or there may be the other reason too.

It might be the trouble to reveal oneself in ways that other individuals cannot absolutely concentrate on and realize what’s being stated because things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated there becomes a struggling point and often a love problem crops up. A lot of people fall in love but they aren’t lucky enough to get the right person who they love so deeply. Life is complete of ups and downs and these issues make our love life pretty hard. Therefore we fail to fulfill our obligations towards our loved one and fail to make them happy and that is why we lose the love of our lives.

Many people are frustrated because of love relationship problems, love break up, living together and getting separated without any marriage between two partners due to some finance, job, family issues. Losing a boyfriend or a girlfriend after being together for a long term which may lead to depression. Firstly love relationship break up starts between two partners because of the cause created by friends, family or ex girlfriend or boyfriend.
Therefore many are tired searching for the best solution for their boyfriend or girlfriend in all the ways though, if you would love to make your love relationship happier and healthier you may consider our resources help with Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan and its sub deities pooja or karma.

If you have a love problem may be its because you're partner is in relationship whith someone else or either engaged by someone through the family , so he or she may refuse to follow you're love conditionally but here at our temple we provide fast and best permanent solutions for this.In order to know more you can call us to discuss which would be highly confidential.

If you are in to relationship with someone please discuss with us to know about on how long you were in to relationship and whether the relationship is broken or not. It it would be fine if you could contact us over the phone so that we would be clear to solve your problem sooner.

If you both are agreed to divorce you both may file for mutual concent or if your partner is not interested to give you divorce or if he or she is dragging the case for years then we would like to know who filed the case first thenon is it Section 13A or Section 13 or DV Domestic Violence.It would be better if you could brief us by calling us so that we could perform some rituals to overcome all these things sooner.

If so we need to find the root cause of the problem from when and where it has started either from family, friend, siblings, or business partners so, please proide your details by calling us we can check the complete problems you may have then we could provide you a powerful poojas for 48 days to get to be solved.

Yes, Sabhas and Doshas are very different do not mix it equally it comes from fore fathers or from gods ( Devas ) or Predhas ( Asura ) or Sarpa ( Snake - Serpent ) . In order to resolve all these things we need your Naksatra, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Famly history too. Therefore with the help of all these we can help you by providing an effective poojas to resolve them. Call us.

Here are a few things you may follow to keep your love relationship stronger;
1) Always be a better listener to your partner.
2) Communicate your feelings and issues appropriately with your partner.
3) Do not lie or use misleading information with your partner
4) Always be respectful and sensitive to your partner’s concerns and their feelings.
5) Avoid talking to your partner about your previous relationship problems when he or she is angry.

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In some cases the love relationship might be very sweet full though you enjoyed a lot being with your partner for years and suddenly your relationship has break-up due to few small reasons which ended with separation for a long time which hurts you a lot but get perfect solutions here before you go depressed. If you are sure that your relationship has ended with your partner or no response from your partner, well you never know that impending break-up could turn into a good relationship forever soon.

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