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Relief Of Respondents In Divorce

How To Get Relief Of Respondents In Divorce
Getting relief from a respondents or a petitioner is not that ease. We should know how long the case is moving on and when it has been started, For further assistance you can perform Vishnu Maya puja with us. Therefore we cannot provide legal advice upon this case because these cases may vary from both the petitioner and the respondents.

In any proceeding for divorce or judicial separation or restitution of conjugal rights, the respondent may not only oppose the relief sought on the ground of petitioner’s adultery, cruelty or desertion, but also make a counter-claim for any relief under this Act on that ground; and if the petitioner’s adultery, cruelty or desertion is proved, the court may give to the respondent any relief under this Act to which he or she would have been entitled if he or she had presented a petition seeking such relief on that ground.
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