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Negative Energy - Attached Ghost

Negative Energy Vishnumaya Direct provides various symptoms which may help you to know more about ghosts and negative energy. Self-harm, suicide  inner  tension one can’t control by mind, lack of concentration. lack of self-esteem, Insecurity in family, work place, disinterest in meaningful activities, apathy, boredom.

problems with relationship with people. sleep disorders and nightmares, chronic pain in head, unusual neck pain, Unusual back pain. Unusual shoulder pain, unusual hands – legs, joint pain. unusual belly, unusual allergies, unusual asthma. unusual eczemas, unusual repeated problems in family. unusual husband – wife problems. unusual fights between family and love relationships. something prevents their positive solution ,increased aggression.

One can’t stand sounds like finger snapping tinnitus in one ear only (when one, usually left, ear rings, a ghost is trying to communicate, is not necessarily attached, sometimes it can be unusual family problems. temporarily silenced by a repeated finger-snapping; it is usually a dead relative – say “[name of your favorite aspect of God], please liberate [name of your relative]”, if you aren’t sure which one it is, pronounce in sequence names of those who died recently and continue further to the past fear of spirituality (uneasy and unpleasant feeling in Churches, Temples, Mosques, and other sacred places, in proximity of holy persons and objects, while listening to sacred music of prayers, mantras)
Presence of ghost in a dwelling usually reveal:(‘negative vibrations’), feeling of someone’s presence (of being watched), unusual (mainly unpleasant) dreams (when experienced by more persons present, subjectivity decreases)losing and moving of objects to other places, finding small objects (e.g. coins) without apparent cause, blood spots which can’t be removed, scents like cigarette smoke, perfumes or rotting flesh without apparent cause, unusually fast decomposition of foods and drinks, physical marks like handprints on mirrors, headaches, breathing problems, a touch of invisible hands on one’s shoulders, tugging on clothes, visual phenomena: shadows without apparent sources of light, lights without apparent sources, seeing an apparition looking like a living person (e.g. silhouettes in windows of empty houses) which disappears when called, approached, ghost seen by more people, hallucination or sounds of falling objects, sounds of breathing, voices (whispering, calling, crying, laughter), sounds of moving of heavy objects like furniture, etc. from empty, locked rooms and attics kinetic phenomena: movement, falling and levitation of objects (esp. those related to the ghost’s previous embodied life), opening and closing of doors and windows without draft (including well-closed or even locked ones) and related sounds, Sleep paralysis is a well-known phenomena. Yoga and Ayurveda explain it as an attack of an aggressive ghost who tries to enter the body of a sleeping person (esp. one lying on one’s back) while paralyzing the Prana -life airs which are part of the subtle body ( Chanda yoga Upanishad 8.12.2-3).
The sleeping person starts to suffocate and can move only his eyes while these attacks usually last several seconds. The goal of the ghost is to use physical body for a parasitic satisfaction of his desires. The victim usually feels a great weight on his chest as if someone would sit or lie on him and chokes. A lighter form of sleep paralysis is caused by a sudden awakening from deep sleep phase when the physical body for several moments doesn’t function since Prana are not active yet. Prevention If they were buried without spiritual rites and if their descendants keep the urn with ashes at home, they stay there too. The ashes should be deposited to holy rivers or to a sea or river.

"sva vacha vadate yastu go vrisha dvija vajishu / linge gaje tatha deve bhute prete nishachare /Garuda Purana_2,23.9

To get rid of ghost or negativity start this simplest way by reciting this below mantra for 11 times with the prayer – tell him aloud that he’s after death (many ghosts don’t realize it) and he shouldn’t be there anymore.

"svapna madhye tu pakshindra preta lingany anekadha / sva kalatram svabandhum va svasutam svapatimvibhum /vidyamanam mritam pashyet preta doshena nishchitam // Garuda Purana_2,23.10 // Also Agni Purana and Narada Purana repel ghosts and other negative influences. These vibration repel negative entities.

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