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Vishnumaya Direct Solutions To Love Relationships - Marriage

Vishnumaya Direct Solutions is a unique Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva temple solution to love relationships, marriage, divorce and black magic removal at Karalapathy Kalari vishnumaya kuttichathan seva temple is known for its sorcery and black magic removal.

Vishnumaya DIrect: "A Leading Solution to Love Relationships"

Permanent solutions to love relationship problems, marriage and divorce!

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Temple - Vishnumaya Direct

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva temple offers Vishnumaya direct solutions to love relationships, and marriage problems through Kuttichathan seva or chathan seva at Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva temple through professional tantric.

There’s hope if you’re struggling with love relationship problems, love breakups, marriage issues, or even the fear of divorce. Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva temple can help you overcome these challenges that lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life. Don’t let love troubles hold you back any longer. Discover how the Vishnumaya direct solutions can make all the difference through Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva temple through its Kuttichathan seva or Chathan seva.

Get expert advice to resolve love relationship problems through effective Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva which works for you if properly practiced for a few days with dedication using the vishnumaya moola mantra and Vishnumaya Yantra at Karalapathy Kalari vishnumaya kuttichathan temple’s Vishnumaya direct solutions.

Vishnumaya direct solutions to love relationship problems, divorce problems, marriage separation, marriage problems, love breakups, and extramarital affairs at Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva temple is an effective process through Vishnumaya, Kuttichathan Yekshi, and Goddess Kali puja using aswaroodan, tripooram, sudarshanam, stambanam, bedhanam, uchadanam, vashyam (akarshanam) or vashikaran through oldest tantric rituals practised by our tantric. Devotees can use these effective services to get permanent solutions to their problems related to love relationships with dedication.

Love Relationship Problems - Vishnumaya Direct

Love relationships, marriage problems, and breakups in love or divorce can be complicated and require a combination of emotional support, communication, therapy, and self-reflection. Exploring multiple ways of coping and seeking professional help if necessary is important. While religious practices such as the Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva at Karalapathy Kalari temple may offer comfort, they should be considered supplementary support rather than a sole solution for love relationship issues.

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Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but mutual understanding

Love marriage can sometimes make couples feel exhausted or lose their sense of self-identity

Marriage is a significant life event, and finding the right partner can be a daunting task.

Dealing with a breakup after a love marriage can be tough, and it’s important to take steps.

When two people decide to live together in a relationship, their bond grows stronger.

Living together before getting married can be beneficial for couples as it allows them.

Living together refers to two people in a romantic relationship and sharing a home.

A living relationship is a commitment similar to living together before marriage.

A toxic relationship causes issues between couples related emotionally in a loving.

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people who love each other.

If you’ve recently experienced a love failure, love breakup, relationship breakup, or divorce.

Love problem solutions are not that easy to resolve when a love problem happens.

Divorce is a process in India that involves six stages. These stages include filing.

Extra marital affairs are sexual relationships that occur outside of marriage between spouses.

Vishnumaya Temple Kuttichathan Seva- Vishnumaya Direct

The Vishnumaya Temple offers various seva such as Kuttichathan seva, Chathan seva, or Karinkutty chathan seva. These seva promise to resolve personal problems in one’s life, but they are associated with superstitions and illusions. Our professional Tantrik experts provide instructions that need to be followed for a few weeks to obtain permanent solutions through Vishnumaya temple seva. These instructions may involve both divine spiritual powers and evil powers. The Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva is renowned for its use of black magic, illusions, and sorcery.

Vishnumaya is associated with Lord Vishnu and is considered a guardian.

The Vishnumaya temple is known for its expertise in black magic and sorcery.

Lord Shree Vishnumaya Swami is worshipped exclusively during the nighttime hours after sunset in India.

The Vishnumaya mantra, also known as the Vishnumaya moola mantra, is said to have the power to help individuals.

The practice of Vishnumaya karma has several benefits through pooja to overcome obstacles.

Performing Vishnumaya worship is safe as long as you follow the proper rituals without any negative side effects.

Vishnumaya and Kuttichathan are two different forms of Chathan, and in total, there are 390 forms of Chathan.

Vishnumaya, who is also known as Vishnu Maya, Kuttichathan, Karinkutti, Chathan, or Veera Vishnu.

Vishnumaya’s moola mantra is used to bring prosperity by invoking supernatural karma.

Kuttichathan mantra or Karinkutti chathan mantra can be used to conquer or overcome enemies in life.

Vishnumaya pooja is a ritual that is typically performed at night. This ritual is also known as the Chathan Seva.

Vishnumaya Yantra is a tool that can be used to ward off negative energies in your home or workplace.

Vashikaran Mantra For Love Relationships - Vishnumaya Direct

Vashikaran pooja, also known as Vashyam pooja, is a powerful practice that provides devotees with influential power through laws of attraction. Worshipping Goddess Kali, Mohini, Yakshini, Vishnumaya, and Kuttichathan, one can gain the ability to attract someone or to control the desired person you want. Vashikaran can help a devotee to work on someone with Akarshanam. The effects of the Vashikaran mantra spells or the Vashikaran mantra for love are immediate and can be visible in the behaviour and attitude of the person influenced by Vashikaran. If you seek a way to attract love and improve your life, Vashikaran may be worth exploring through our professional experts in tantric knowledge.

Vashikaran mantras are precisely classified into 72 types that can only be used with the assistance of professional tantriks.

Vashikaran can be used to attract or control someone, including for love and marriage issues.

Vashikaran specialists are experienced tantriks who use various deities to achieve desired outcomes through vashikaran rituals.

Vashikaran Totka can be effective if performed correctly. It must be repeated several times for immediate effects.

Vashikaran mantras for love are powerful ways to reunite couples who have broken up and restore their love relationships

Vashikaran yantra should be inscribed on a copper plate and kept in a wallet or workplace to attract and control someone.

Immediate vashikaran mantras may provide temporary results lasting only 72 hours, which cannot guarantee a solution.

Symptoms of vashikaran occur when someone is attracted to you and you experience severe headaches and discomfort for six days.

Vashikaran is a ritual performed to attract or control someone through the use of various deities for six weeks via vashikaran pooja or rituals.

After 3 days of starting vashikaran pooja, one can use a powerful vashikaran mantra that should be recited over 41 days.

Vashikaran is a practice to influence someone’s behavior and actions according to your wishes. The effects of vashikaran are immediate.

Vishnumaya Direct Solutions - Testimonials

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Manjunath - Bangalore

Good service and their efforts when I had a love problem with my girlfriend they solved it and they took it to marriage now. Goodservices. Recommended for everyone who is related to love problems where you can solve them quickly here.thank you.

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Akshaya – Chennai

I got my boyfriend back after performing a few pujas here at the temple. I tried many things to bring him back but nothing worked at the time and simply wasted one year. I like this website and their service which is very good. Good professionals. Good service.Thanks.

unnamed 2 1
Poornima - Bangalore

I am Purnima from Bangalore. This website helped me a lot to bring my love relationship to one month. It's the perfect one I found on the internet. Their poojas are very strong. Good work anyone can approach this website for success in life. Good luck to all.

unnamed 9 1
Dr.Vignesh - Bangalore

This website is for serious people with depression, divorce, or family relationships because I solved my own family problems and relationshi issues here by contacting them personally over the phone. He helped me a lot with my relationship problems. Excellent service. Thank you. Vignesh.

Urmila 295x300 1
Dhanalakshmi -Chennai

Firstly I would appreciate that the Vishnu Maya and Baglamukhi pujas are great on this website. I asked what I needed. They did it perfectly. it works for serious people only I guess. They have good mystical powers to overcome all situations through miraculous Vishnu Maya. Thank you.

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Temple - Vishnumaya Direct Solutions

Vishnumaya Direct Solutions and Our Services

The Vishnumaya Temple Kuttichathan Seva has been providing its oldest services to the devotees by worshipping deities like Vishnumaya, Kuttichathan, Yekshi, and Goddess Kali through pooja, yajna, mantra, and yantra. This temple offers various solutions to people facing love relationship breakups, marriage breakups, and love breakups, including those in husband and wife relationships. The Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva has been historically used to eliminate black magic in people’s lives and to describe the employment of magic or supernatural abilities for malevolent and self-serving ends.

Sathru Samhaara Pushpanjali

Bairavi Chakra Homa(Yajna)

Bhagavati Seva (Kali Seva)

Sarpa Bali (Ashlesha Puja)

Guruthi Pushpanjali

Black Magic Removal

Vishnumaya Karma

Negative Energy Removal

Ghost Removal(Preda Samskara)

Pitru Tarpana(Pitru Paksha)

Aswarooda Mantra Archana

Tripura Mantra Archana

Sudarshana Homa(Yajna)

Vishnumaya Puja

Amavasya Puja

Brahma Vellattu Karma

Iykya Mathiya Suktam

Bhagya Sooktham Archana

Vidya Mantra Archana

Thristapu Mantra Archana

Baglamukhi Homa(Yajna)

Witchcraft Removal

Mahisasura Martini Archana

Baglamukhi Mantra Archana

Chathan Seva

Stambana(Karma Vidhi)

Lemon Offering Karma

Voodoo Doll Removal

Love problem solution

Love breakup is common in love relationships to ‘intertwine’ with a partner. Goals and orientations shift, as do desires and requirements for the present and future. Because intimacy entails opening up to another person and splitting up to their love, wants, and needs.

vishnumaya solution

Vishnumaya temple is also well-known for its knowledge of black magic, sorcery, and tantra, which are used to protect devotees from the ill repercussions of activities. Devotees think that worshiping Vishnu Maya with devotion and adhering to prescribed ceremonies will assist them in overcoming obstacles.

Vashikaran Mantra

Vashikaran pooja is a spiritual practice deeply rooted in Indian traditions. It is based on the laws of attraction and is believed to provide people with a sense of spiritual connection and guidance. The vashikaran rituals can also help individuals find inner peace, tranquility, and direction during tough times.

Black Magic

Black magic is a belief that certain individuals or objects can be supernaturally influenced by their names or the objects they represent. It can cause various issues such as family disputes, relationship problems, love troubles, business issues, divorce, or negative energy. The argument for “colorless magic” or “dark magic” suggests that not all “black magic” is necessarily evil.

Baglamukhi Seva

Baglamukhi Seva or Bagala is one of the ten Mahavidyas, a group of Tantric deities in Hinduism. The Baglamukhi mantra contains the Bheej sounds of Baglamukhi and is used to pray to the goddess for protection against enemies and their malicious speech. The Baglamukhi mantra is a highly powerful one to protect the chanters from all harm and destroy their enemies.

Goddess Bhairavi

Goddess Bhairavi is a terrifying form of the Goddess Kali and is regarded as the consort of Kala Bhairava – the aggressive form of Lord Shiva. She is also known as Kala Bhairavi, one of the manifestations of Kali, the fierce form of divine Shakti. Kali is known by many other names, such as Parvati, Durga, and Bhagavathi. Goddess Bhairavi chakra homa is performed during Bhagavathi, Durga, and Parvati puja.

Frequently Asked Questions- Vishnumaya Direct

Yes, you can seek protection from black magic harm and afflictions by using any kind of amulets or objects provided by us after removing black magic from you and your family members, therefore, other objects we may provide which can be used to harm your enemies.


Bipolar disorder can cause your husband’s mood to swing from extremely high to extremely low, which may cause him more depression, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts sometimes lead to marriage separation or divorce. We have the right solution to bring him to a healthy relationship using our Vishnumaya tantric karma which helps you resolve the relationship issue permanently.

Negative energy results in body weight loss, security, fear, and lack of motivation, leading to frequent illness. Negative energy is caused by various issues in the family, at home, or by self. Our tantric experts can resolve this quickly with Vishnu Maya and Kali puja.

Yes, you can connect with your loved ones who passed away years ago by performing the following ritual including pitru tarpan, predha samskara, Vishnu Maya seva, Kanda karnan seva, kali seva, Vishnu Maya moola mantra by acknowledging their birthdays and death anniversaries.

Ghosts transmit their bad energy to the people whom they like, target, or attack and create large stores of it in their bodies, sexually and physically during sleep. it is difficult to get rid of this black or bad energy except through a generalized spiritual remedy through our Vishnu Maya and Kali Seva/puja such as spiritual practice or by using our more specific moola mantra to defeat the ghosts.

Relationships between husband and wife begin on a valuable high note of excitement and hope for future marriage but when it comes to a the relationship that is no longer good, a divorce or breakup can be extremely painful for both husband and wife because it represents the loss which is hard to resolve it when it moves to divorce problems in the court but we have the best solution if you feel that you no longer need a divorce from your partner.

Relationships between husband and wife begin on a valuable high note of excitement and hope for future marriage but when it comes to a the relationship that is no longer good, a divorce or breakup can be extremely painful for both husband and wife because it represents the loss which is hard to resolve it when it moves to divorce problems in the court but we have the best solution if you feel that you no longer need a divorce from your partner.

After trying your best of all to keep your relationship stronger and then when it fails and comes to breaking up it affects both the couple to join again. If you need the most powerful Vishnumaya Kuttichathan seva/puja to bring back your relationship stronger than before you may need to follow our instructions for three to four weeks to get successful results in your relationship without a breakup.

Mostly love relationships are failed after a couple of years due to toxic spouses, alcohol, drugs, lack of sex and intimacy, financial burdens, affairs, and abuse which leads to love relationships failing. If you fail after trying multiple things to keep your love relationship stronger contact us to discuss where you can get the most powerful

instructions to follow with our deities to keep your relationship stronger without a breakup in the future.

There are many Vishnumaya temple in Kerala which has the normal practice of worshipping the deity in the temple, unlike other temples you do but Vishnumaya seva is the years of the practice performed by tantric in Kerala with Vishnumaya Kuttichathan and other sub-deities to achieve the most powerful results for the particular problems continuously for the period of twenty-one to forty-one days.

Yes, It might be challenging for you when sometimes it won’t work if you don’t find a professional tantric to resolve your problems or wishes. If you are looking for professional tantric experts to resolve your love or marriage problem call to discuss further.

Mangal( Mars) affects married life leading to unnecessary conflicts, distress, marriage separation, late marriages, or even divorce for particular people who have manglik dosh. The quick remedy is not kept public on this website. Any devotee of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva may contact us to clear manglik dosh or marital conflicts through our professional tantric experts to avoid present and future manglik problems.

Mangal Dosh was believed to have negative impacts on the married life of the person or getting delayed in marriage which can be treated with an appropriate remedy to resolve marital problems through our professional tantric experts by performing parihara puja.

When Rahu stands on the 1st house of a person’s horoscope Kaal sarpa dosh remains 27 years of age. If Rahu is in the 2nd house then Kaal Sarpa dosh remains till 33 years of age. If Rahu is in the 3rd house then Kaal Sarpa dosha remains till 36 years of age.

A person affected by Kaal Sarpa Dosh will have sleep-related problems such as scratches on the body, restless sleep, nightmares, waking at midnight, crying at midnight, frequent snake dreams, and business loss or financial losses.

You can talk to our professional tantric experts about Vishnu Maya seva and quick remedies to save your marriage without moving to divorce. We can help you resolve marriage-related problems with Vishnu Maya karma with the most powerful mantras.

Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Karma is a practice that is said to help resolve personal problems in life by performing several Karma and vazipad at the Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Seva Temple. It is believed to be a form of spiritual healing that can be performed to help individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The common reasons for a love relationship are a lack of shared interests, extramarital affairs, lack of physical intimacy, lack of commitment, conflict, and arguing leads to a love relationship breakup. Vashyam, Akarshanam, Vishnu Maya seva, and Kali seva rituals help to resolve your love relationship problems in a few days. As a challenge, you can see good results if you are dedicated.

Living apart from your spouse but still legally married doesn’t end your marriage. A marriage separation affects the financial responsibilities between you, your child, and your spouse before the divorce.

Yes, We provide the Vashikaran mantra to attract someone you love the most or bring back your love relationship. There are certain principles to follow in Vashikaran and Akarshana. Firstly, you need to know how to attract someone using birth details. Therefore you can approach our professional tantric experts about the procedures to follow. Vashikaran mantra for attraction is in the form of different types from different deities. For example, Yakshini, Mohini, Kali, and Kuttichathan may be used for Vashikaran rituals for 21 days.

Yes, Vashikaran mantras and vashikaran rituals are harmless but more effective if manifested. Furthermore, the vashikaran mantra is beneficial when performed or chanted with good and benevolent intentions to achieve positive and safest results.

Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Seva is a ritual performed for 21 to 41 days by adding karma which helps people overcome personal problems, heal holistically, grow spiritually, and fulfill their purpose in life by
performing Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan Seva ” Chathan Seva ” through our Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Seva temple.

If a devotee worship Goddess Kali will attain the supreme power of liberation, moksha, and protection from enemies, with good health and wealth but a devotee must know the procedure from tantric experts to worship Goddess Kali and Kali puja rituals.

Generally, Vishnumaya Kuttichathan is the most powerful deity in South India and helps you resolve every obstacle in your life. Vishnumaya seva at Karalapathy Kalari temple is a tantric practice that provides you with the best results in your life based on your dedication and the karma you have performed with us.

We provide instructions to follow Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan after performing Vishnumaya seva with us. As a devotee, you will receive the Vishnumaya Kuttichathan moola mantra and instructions to follow.

You should always seek advice from a dedicated Tantric, Panicker, or Namboothiri who practices Vishnu Maya, Kuttichathan, Goddess Kali puja, seva, and rituals. Karalapathy Kalari Vishnu Maya Seva temple has expertized tantric to resolve your problems. Contact us for a free consultation.

Every love relationship will experience setbacks and challenges, as no love relationship can be more perfect than you expect. However, that does not mean the relationship will not survive or no longer continue. There are solutions for love relationships with us which give you permanent solutions for all problems in love relationship problems. Therefore problems in a love relationship are a normal, natural, healthy, and expected part of building a connection with your partner.

Vamachara or Abhichara karma performed by enemies through black magic rituals on someone to lose their health, wealth, and prosperity may cause severe side effects to the person. Karalapathy Kalari Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva Temple has a solution to remove black magic through our professional tantric experts who can guide you to overcome black magic problems.

A person experiences various types of mental health problems that may involve having a low mood and losing enjoyment in life because of anxiousness often all the time, irritability, having trouble in daily activities, and feeling sad without entertainment which leads to hypertension sometimes. There is always a solution to this than meditation or yoga through our Karalapathy Kalari Vishnu Maya seva temple. Bhagavathy seva to Kali will help you with depression and anxiety.

Marriage is a long-term commitment with both partners having a proper understanding of life in marriage or divorce experiences effects, decreased levels of happiness, changes in economic status, society, children, and emotional problems. Divorce may affect the psychological and behavior of the children too. Our professional tantric experts help you to overcome divorce problems with guidance on Bhagavathy seva with Kali and Vishnumaya Kuttichathan.

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